Personalized Weight Loss  Tailored To Over 40s, 50s+

Helping People like you reclaim your health & confidence and get back to living the life you love... Each session will be tailored to your specific goals, fitness level and age.

Online, Zoom, Live Webcam Skype or Facetime Personalized  Fitness Training & Nutrition.

Feel amazing after 40,50+ with the guidance you need in order to get results and fit this into your schedule…

Stay strong, healthy and full of energy!

Do you want to lose weight or reclaim your waistline? Do you wish you had more energy? Do you want to reduce bloating, gas or extra inches?

Or maybe you wish someone would plan your exercise & meal plan and eliminate guesswork so you knew what you were doing was the right thing for you right now. Private coaching includes your weekly activity plan.

If you want support with the quality and quantity and timing of food you eat, without a rigid menu so that you can learn to eat anywhere with confidence there’s no “blowing it”, and you’ll feel good about your choices – without deprivation….

You’re in the right place. Private coaching moves at your pace with your life. You’ll focus on nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle habits that affect your hormone balance and your energy, mood, productivity, and weight.


I’ve developed Body & Mind Coaching, a professional fitness training, nutrition and mindset service, as an online platform to fit into your life so you can become the strong, energized, fit and healthy person you know you can be. 

You need a great strategy combined with awareness around lifestyle, routines, daily stressors, self talk, mindset, belief systems, re-education, comfort zones, habits and productivity tools. 

That Is extremely powerful, because If the rest of what you do feels good – you’ll feel amazing sticking to the training and nutrition plan.

I’ve had 35 years of experience helping people achieve what they thought to be impossible for themselves.

Most of my clients find the 12 or 16 -week programs to be just the programs they need that stays in line with their goals. And if it happens not to be exactly what you’re looking for, I have a variety of packages to fit your needs, as well as a thriving online services offering weekly Live video personal fitness, nutrition coaching and mindset challenges, tips, recipes and any other support you need. 

No matter which path you choose, I'm confident I can help lead you to your goals. It all starts with optimizing your health because when you are healthy and fit - you feel invincible. 


At Physiques Fitness by Elvira, I’m committed to helping people  over 40, 50+ who tried to lose body & belly fat previously but never achieved success; who are struggling to lose the age-related weight gain and lack of energy that is all too common.

I do this by helping my clients get “unstuck” through a comprehensive program that includes habit-based nutrition, effective customized to your needs & preferences workouts, all of which ends the frustration of searching for the answers on their own.

I am dedicated to creating a supportive, compassionate, understanding support that delivers the truth about fat loss after 40, 50+ without sugar-coating the facts (pun intended!).  Through education and motivation you will understand how to create a lifestyle that gets you to your goals and supports lasting results.

When you eat a healthy, customized-balanced diet, your hormones are balanced as well as your moods and your weight.  This is the foundation for everything else.

I will help you set that foundation whether it’s for losing weight, building muscle, improving your functional strength, or boosting your daily energy.  

I love that my clients come away with more than just fat loss.  It’s the new understanding, strength and confidence that goes along with the physical transformation – that’s what I love.


As with most people, my passions have been lead by life experiences... At 19 years old, my life was cut by a significant spine injuries. It was a long recovery with a lot of uncertainty about what my future abilities would be. Learning to accept and appreciate everything I could do during my recovery was HARD. The little things, the big things, and everything in between – none of it I take for granted. I feel so lucky to be where I am now... 

At Physiques Fitness by Elvira ( Elvira Geiger Fitness & Nutrition Coaching) I aim to help and support people over 40, 50+ to learn how to feel amazing  without deprivation diets or spending hours in the gym.

1. Professional & Results Focused: The ‘Fit and Healthy After 40, 50+’ service is run by Elvira Geiger, a highly-qualified certified Fitness coach, Health and Nutrition  specialist. To ensure lasting results, Elvira provides an in-depth personalized service:  the core fitness and nutrition aspects, areas such as stress & hormones management and mindset.  

Working with Elvira allows you to benefit from her 35 years of experience in helping people achieve their fitness and health goals. 

2. Passionate: Elvira personally understands the changes that people  experience during and after their 40s, 50s + and she is passionate about combining her professional knowledge, expertise  with her personal experience in order to help you become confident once again.  



When you discover what it feels like to step into a new reality- a new truth- the rest falls into place. Getting older means your hormones are shifting, your metabolism may be slowing down, you might have a less active lifestyle and may be more prone to injuries or medical conditions that you never had to worry about before. 

That means as our bodies change, the programs and weight loss methods we use need to adapt with us! 
You might feel stuck at the same weight, stuck holding onto negative self-talk telling you that you cannot achieve your goals. You might be stuck thinking you can’t ask for help​... -  It’s time to get unstuck!
It’s OK to ask for help, and it’s OK to be unsure of yourself, but don’t let it stop you from walking through the door and showing up! That's the first step to discovering a new you, the strong confident person who feels comfortable in her/his own skin.​  The person who looks in the mirror and feels ready to conquer the world instead of wondering ‘whose body is that’? 

​Dieting and spending hours in the gym just aren’t working, and I know you're tired of hearing: "workout more and eat less".
And you should't because that's not what will get you to your goal.  


    Physiques Fitness & Health Solution and  Coaching by Elvira is for you if you are ready to let go of the shame, the confusion and the roadblocks and to start showing up in the world living your best life!

Personalized Virtual and/OR ONLINE Fitness Programs at the highest level.

Fit After 40, 50+ Body Transformation-


Join personalized online fitness coaching program designed to help you lose the hormonal weight gain while decreasing your belly fat, boosting your energy and finally getting a good night's sleep. You will  work with your fitness & health coach , nutritionist to determine your body goals and how to achieve them. Your dedicated world-class certified coach will provide you with customized macronutrients and meal plans,  progressive workout plans, and work with you to adjust as your body begins to evolve. 

These plans are specifically tailored for you, your age, your preferences, abilities, condition and your goals, so it would work best for you. 


Empower yourself with an understanding of your personal nutritional needs. It’s no longer about dieting and conforming to strict rules, but about understanding how your body responds to food so you can make informed nutrition decisions no matter where life takes you.


Fit consistent activity into your life with workouts that actually work for your body. No more following generic workouts made for anyone. Learn to workout with your specific needs in mind, and consistently fit exercise into your life.


Face roadblocks with confidence and truly take charge of your mind. Achieve control over your thoughts and actions and tackle the future with more knowledge, more skills and more energy. Activate the strong person within you.



My program brings together 3 essential components needed to create consistency and lasting results. In fact, my program has helped thousands of people break through plateaus and get them losing fat after years of trying to on their own but never achieved success. 

Forget about dieting or spending hours in the gym! That doesn't work, you know it! I've been coaching people for 35 years, and I can tell you with certainty there are 3 crucial steps you need to make this happen.


First you need to take a habit-based approach to nutrition. This means no diets or deprivation; instead, you’re going to learn what’s appropriate for your body and create a lifestyle that is unique to your situation. This results in consistent and sustainable weight loss.


No more chaos training. You get a tailored fitness plan that gets harder gradually to keep you injury-free as we address any weakness or imbalance. As we strengthen your core, improve your flexibility and build muscle, your physique will transform too.


To make all of that happen, you will work on limiting beliefs that have been stopping you from reaching your goals. I provide you with the tools and work with you weekly to uncover any core negative beliefs. Awareness is the first step to change.